Marriage Trouble?

Marriages are supposed to be happy, full of love, and last a lifetime.   But for you, maybe there is more pain and unhappiness than love. Or, perhaps your marriage is “okay” but you want to rekindle the flame. Either way, we can help you, if you’ll let us, and if you do your part.


It’s important to become a strong and evolving individual who is “Mr. or Mrs. Right” and stay that way for life. We can help you to become irresistible to your spouse.


We have identified 10 actions and attributes that build the feeling of deep, romantic love. This type of love is vital to most couples to having a happy, long-lasting, marriage.


Many couples that lose the feeling of love do so because of one or more of the 4 C’s. No matter what else you do, if you are guilty of hurtful behaviors, your marriage may be in trouble.


Learning to resolve common problems with love and working together as a team is important to having peace and happiness in daily married life.

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  • Learn what to do if your spouse isn’t willing to change
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The Evolving Marriages™ Program Goals

Our overall goal is simple: we want to help married couples to be happy and fulfilled in their marriages and for those marriages to last. We believe in most cases, divorce can be prevented. And we believe that using our comprehensive, unique program is one of the simplest and fastest ways to achieve that goal. We want to help individuals and couples to:


Become Mr. or Mrs. Right

Help each spouse to become a strong individual and to become “Mr. or Mrs. Right” no matter how long they’ve been together and then stay that way. Learn More

Fall in Love Again

Help couples to build love and rekindle the flame that they perhaps once enjoyed but now have lost or are losing. Learn More

Stop Hurting Each Other

Help couples to avoid negative, hurtful, love destroying actions, words, and attitudes. Learn More

Resolve Common Problems

Help couples learn to work together to overcome common frustrations and problems they face in daily life. Learn More

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Already Given Up on Your Marriage?

Do you feel helpless and hopeless about your marriage? Do you worry that your spouse will never change so your marriage will always be the way it is now? Do you now regret saying “I do” in front of your spouse, an officiator, and witnesses? Do you worry about or even...

Affair Prevention Checkup #2

Is your marriage headed for an affair or divorce? Are you happy and fulfilled in your relationship with your spouse or is everything just so-so? Building on our last post here is another key to help not only prevent affairs but to bring happiness back into your...

Affair Prevention Checkup #1

Is your spouse cheating on you? Or have they been tempted to? Or, even if they haven’t been tempted to yet, when might the chance present itself? At one time or another, most of us will find ourselves in a situation where it would be easy, fun, or satisfying to cheat....

Revive Your Marriage Quick Tip #5: No More Double Standards

Answer these two questions honestly: Do you treat your spouse worse than you do your coworkers, your boss, your friends, or your other family members? Do you yell or curse or pound the table or throw things when you are angry with your spouse but you would never act...

Revive Your Marriage Quick Tip #4: Are You Still Mr. or Mrs. Right?

Before you got married, you were Mr. or Mrs. Right “enough”. You were the one your spouse chose to spend their life with. No matter what your spouse’s definition of Mr. or Mrs. Right was, you fit the bill. Do you still fit their definition of Mr. or Mrs. Right? Are...

Communication is NOT the Key to a Happy Marriage

Despite what many people believe, good communication is not what keeps couples together. Love is. If there is love, communication normally isn’t a problem. Why? Because both partners are listening to their loved one. They are careful to not say hurtful things and if...

Revive Your Marriage Quick Tip #3: Start Over Now

No matter what you are trying to change in your life or marriage, the good news is that you can start over. And you don’t have to wait until New Year’s Day or some special set time to start over. You can start over anytime you choose to. Some people start over the...

Revive Your Marriage Quick Tip #2: How to Accept an Apology

If your spouse apologizes to you for something they have done or said wrong, it’s important to accept it the right way. Some people claim they have accepted an apology but in reality, they are still full of blame, anger, feelings of resentment or other negative...

Is the Revive Your Marriage Jumpstart Challenge Right for You?

In a previous post, we talked about those that will have a hard time succeeding with our program. So, who should join? Is it right for you? Can it help you turn your marriage around? It may work for you if: 1. You are frustrated with your marriage but still have hope...

Consistency in Building Your Marriage

In life and in marriage, those that do what they need to do consistently, are those that succeed. Very few people can lose weight and keep it off, for example, by following their diet one day out of 10. Marriages are the same way. Some people, though, only want...

Attention: The Following People Are Forbidden from Joining the Revive Your Marriage Jumpstart Challenge

Even though we believe that the Revive Your Marriage Jumpstart Challenge is one of the very best ways to help turn almost any bad marriage situation around, there are some people who aren't a good fit and probably shouldn't join. Are you one of them? If you fit into...

Revive Your Marriage Quick Tip #1: “Say I Love You”

A deep feeling of romantic love is necessary for most folks to feel fulfilled in their marriage. If that love is there, almost any obstacle can be overcome together. If not, this may be a sign of trouble ahead. Love needs to be expressed by actions (what you do) and...

Quick and Easy Ways to Go From “I Do, I Love You” to “You Scum, I Hate Your Guts!”

The transition from the happy, full of hope “I Do’s” to the dreaded “I want a divorce” is an interesting one. How can a couple that was seemingly so in love start to hate each other? What causes this to happen and is there anything that can be done to stop it? This...

What to do When Your Life and Marriage Gets Hard

Many years ago, when driving across the country, I saw a message on a church sign in Mobile, Alabama that has become one of my favorites. It said: Do the best you can with what you have where you’re at. Life is hard. Marriage is hard. Sometimes, there seems to be an...

Are You Ruining Your Children’s Marriage?

Not long ago, a woman told me that she didn’t appreciate the tone her son used when speaking to her. She felt like he was disrespectful and rude. Her son is an adult so he’s old enough to know better. Even though every person is responsible for their own behavior and...

How a Dog or Cat Can Help Spice Up Your Sex Life

Stress is one of the biggest dampers of sex drive and desire. When we are all worked up by a hard week on the job or we’ve barely survived a week at home with the kids, sometimes sex is the last thing on our mind., even though sex can help us control our stress....

Marriage Building Decision #3: Stop Hurting Each Other

Are you guilty of committing any of the 4 C’s? The irony of all ironies is that we hurt worst the very people we claim to love most. If you want your marriage to survive and thrive you need to make sure you aren’t guilty of any of these love and marriage killers....

Marriage Building Decision #2: Fall in Love Again

Do you want to know the number one most important thing you can do to fix, build, and improve your marriage? Do you want to know how to get the "heat" back? Do you want to experience the same passion and romance that you did when you first got married? Are you tired...

Marriage Building Decision #1: Become Mr. or Mrs. Right

At the end of every year, most people reflect on what went right and wrong over the course of the year and look forward to making lasting, positive changes during the upcoming year. Unfortunately, most people fail at these resolutions—sometimes within days even....

Lighten Up a Little

It is easy when we are unhappy in our marriage to let our emotions get away from us. For example, normally if our spouse has had a bad day at work and is stressed when he or she returns home, we may encourage or comfort them. We may even give them a little massage or...

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