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Last Updated on March 21, 2019

A deep feeling of romantic love is necessary for most folks to feel fulfilled in their marriage. If that love is there, almost any obstacle can be overcome together. If not, this may be a sign of trouble ahead.

Love needs to be expressed by actions (what you do) and by words (what you say). Many people assume that their spouse knows of their love for them because of the actions they take. But many of us need to hear the words too to fully “feel” it.

Say “I love you to your spouse.” When you do, say it with sincerity. There are few things worse than an insincere expression of love.

Say it regularly – shoot for daily.

Don’t expect an “I love you too” in return. Love is more about giving than getting.

Do it today! It’s simple and if you aren’t in the habit of doing this, it can start to make a difference in your relationship.

Say it even if you two recently had a big fight. Say it no matter how you feel. Say it no matter how you think your spouse may react. Say it to save your marriage.

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