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No matter what your marriage is like or how miserable you may be, there is hope: You can Revive Your Marriage™!

Want a Loving Marriage That Lasts?

Better communication, more love, reduced fighting, closer intimacy, and more are all within your reach! This powerful but simple system gives you the keys to getting the marriage you’ve always wanted!

Dear Not-So-Happy-in-Marriage Friend,

Let us ask you a personal question: Is the marriage that you have today what you imagined it would be when you first said your marriage vows?

If you are like most people, at the beginning of your relationship and marriage there was love, fun, and conversation. There was plenty of affection, romance, and sex. Needs were being met and happiness ruled the day.

Then, if you are like many people, real life soon kicked in and the realities of a new life together started taking its toll on your marriage.

New priorities such as work responsibilities, having children, or new living arrangements may start taking the place of many of the romantic actions and feelings that helped you fall in love. Life certainly can be stressful and tiring for newlyweds!

Besides that, problems with money, in-laws, communication, or other issues may strain your relationship.

We may start asking ourselves if we are even in love still because our daily life with our spouse may not be anything like how things were before. The prior good feelings can start to be replaced with:

  • Pain
  • Frustration
  • Anger
  • Bitterness
  • Resentment
  • Regret

Is This You? 

  • Are you miserable?
  • Have you thought about throwing in the towel and giving up on your relationship once and for all?
  • Do you get tired of hearing promises to change that never happen?
  • Is there a feeling of hopelessness about your future together?
  • Are you lonely?
  • Do you regret getting married?
  • Are you tired of giving but never getting?

If you are experiencing any of these emotions, we understand. Sometimes it may feel like we are drowning with no one around to help save us. No matter how much we struggle to get air something else comes along and pushes us back down. We want the love back. We want the fighting to stop. We want to trust again. We want to be friends again. We want to be able to talk again. But no matter how hard or long we try we keep getting the same results.

Nothing ever seems to change.  We know the pain and we believe no matter how bad things are now, with some effort, time, patience, and willingness to learn and do what we teach, you can start to make a difference in your marriage sooner than you might think.

Hope Is Alive

We’re here to tell you that there is hope! You CAN improve your marriage. You CAN learn how to overcome those feelings of fear, misery, and anger and find happiness. You CAN start the process of regaining that spark again.

How? By following this groundbreaking marriage transformation program.

The Revive Your Marriage Jumpstart Challenge is a unique, multi-faceted, program designed to give you the best chance to fix your marriage and rebuild the love. It includes training, assignments, and resources to help you build a loving marriage that lasts.

The challenge isn’t a competition with others though. It’s a competition with yourself. What do you get (the prize) if you put into action what you learn? The possibility of a more fulfilling love life, more romance, more happiness, and more contentment with the one you love.

Note: While all marriages can’t be saved, we believe most can be. IF, and this is a big if, you do the work, put in the time, and make change a priority in your life. And, while it’s best if both spouses work together to improve things, you can experience success even if you are the only one willing to try.

Why Should You Listen to Us?

For starters, June just recently celebrated her 56th wedding anniversary. In these days of no-fault divorce, it’s getting rarer and rarer to find those that stick together through thick and thin. On top of that, she’s a licensed mental health professional that has helped hundreds of people to change their lives and improve their marriages.

And Mark knows both how painful marriage can be as well as how much happiness it can bring. Through his experience, he helps others that are hurting, perhaps someone just like you, to learn how to reduce or remove the pain and replace it with happiness. You’ll learn how simple changes can have positive, long-lasting results and can provide hope — even for those that have failed before or are in their second or third marriage.

So, how does this work exactly? Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn in this groundbreaking program:

  • How to become the type of man or woman your spouse can’t help but fall in love with again
  • What the 10 T’s of a happy marriage are and how to use them to build love
  • Why doing ANY of the 4 C’s can destroy even the best marriage and how to avoid these love killers
  • A growing library of actionable tips and strategies to help you build (or rebuild) the marriage of your dreams
  • How to make sure that once you start turning your marriage around you retain that success and avoid backsliding
  • How to identify and overcome “gaps” in your marriage that may be making you miserable
  • Simple ways to overcome seemingly impossible problems such as financial issues, dealing with in-laws, and more
  • Exactly how to implement our unique 6-step method that can help you fix your marriage problems and achieve your marriage goals once and for all
  • Real life examples and practical ways to rekindle the romance and help you save your marriage from divorce
  • And much, much more!

Changing your life and your marriage isn’t easy. That’s one of the big reasons there is so much misery, so many broken hearts, and so many divorces. It takes time. It takes effort. It takes a burning desire to make things right. Finally, it takes consistent, long-term change in order to experience long-term success.

With this in mind, we designed this program to give you the best possible chance for long-term marital love and happiness. To help increase your chances of success, we’ll introduce you to our unique, six-step method that can help turn things around quickly.

As you learn about this powerful method and apply it to your life and marriage, you’ll start to evolve or reach your full potential. Positive change and its rewards will come into your life as you improve and succeed.

The challenge will help jump-start your marriage saving efforts. You can learn step-by-step what to do to fix your marriage.

You’ll have ongoing access to this life and marriage changing content. So, after you finish the challenge the first time, you can take it again or you can return to work only on those specific areas you may still need to change.

You’ll have plenty of time to learn and implement these marriage building, divorce preventing strategies.

The idea is to not to just take the challenge once and then stop but to challenge yourself to change every day – to keep growing, progressing, and evolving into what you can become – for the rest of your life. The Revive Your Marriage Jumpstart Challenge provides a “foundation” for a lifetime of learning and growth.

In addition, you’ll get access to these tools and resources:

  • An ever-growing stash of bite-sized tips, resources, strategies, and helps that can be implemented quickly. We’ve found that most folks are busy and just want the meat without all the fluff and we deliver.
  • The Revive Your Marriage Profile & Assessment, which will help you identify gaps in your life and marriage that could be causing frustration, stress, or worry. It also serves as a checklist, of sorts, to remind you what it takes to have a happy and fulfilling marriage.
  • The challenge training content is available in a protected, private member’s area.
  • And you’ll get access to every core update and all new Revive Your Marriage Jumpstart Challenge Bronze level content for three months.

While your results may vary, others that have taken the plunge and put their all into improving their lives and marriages, are happier, feel more love, get their needs met, and are more likely to stay (or get) happily married.

One other benefit that we failed to mention is that you don’t have to wait for physical books to arrive in the mail or wait for a counseling or coaching appointment to get started. As soon as your payment is processed, you’ll get an email with your login information and you can immediately log in to the private member’s area and get started. In most cases, members can start using this marriage saving resource within 10 minutes.

So why not give this a shot? Why not see what you can do to regain the love, save your marriage, and find peace over the next little while?

Note: This isn’t a program that will automagically turn a bad marriage into a great one overnight. It will take time, effort, and patience to do a full turnaround. This is a start — a foundation — that you then implement for a lifetime. Expect positive changes if you do your part, but don’t expect quick miracles.

Fix Your Marriage Problems Starting Today

Getting started preventing divorce and building a marriage full of love, doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can save big with our introductory pricing. But you’ll need to hurry because this discount won’t last long!

If you act today, you can get access to all the resources in the Revive Your Marriage Jumpstart Challenge for a limited time low introductory investment of $47 $7! But be warned, the fee will steadily increase over the next couple of weeks as we prepare for the formal launch of the 2020 version. That’s a low one-time fee to learn how to turn your marriage around if it’s heading the wrong direction (or even if it has no direction at all).

Isn’t saving your marriage and falling in love again worth $7? The sooner you get started, the faster you can get rid of your worry and frustration about your married life and start enjoying the love that you used to have but now may have lost.

Our Guarantee

We’re committed to doing everything we can to help you rebuild the love, let go of the hurt, and to help you be happy in your marriage so we stand behind our programs 100%. If you feel like it isn’t working for you just let us know within 60 days and we’ll return your investment. Fair enough?

Here’s to your success. We know that you can fix your problems and achieve your goals once you learn and start applying this powerful system. We’ll stand beside you, rooting you on all the way.


Mark Singletary and June Singletary, LCSW

PS Are you happy and fulfilled in your marriage? If not, why not start fixing your marriage today? But hurry, because the investment required for this marriage and life-changing program will increase soon. You can get access to this online premium marriage saving resource 24 hours a day!