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Become Mr. or Mrs. Right

At the core of the Evolving Marriages program are these simple principles:

1. The best marriage prospects and spouses are those people:

  • That have strong character traits such as integrity, honesty, sense of responsibility, and work ethic
  • Have a good mindset, a positive attitude, are self-confident, and are happy
  • That are “balanced”, strong, and evolving in all important areas of life such as relationships, health/fitness, emotionally/spiritually, career, and financial.

Evolving means to be continually growing and progressing and as a result to experience positive, long-lasting change.

2. Every strong marriage is made up of strong and evolving individuals. Likewise, every marriage that fails does so because one or both individuals failed in one way or another.

3. By focusing on changing ourselves, we can fix many of our marriage problems. Even though our spouse may notice that we are trying to change, we can do this with or without our spouse’s support, help, or cooperation. The Evolving Marriages program can help you to:

  • Become the man or woman of your spouse’s dreams. You’ll learn tricks and strategies that can make you irresistible no matter how long you’ve been married
  • Identify and fix gaps in your life that may be big turnoffs to your spouse
  • Learn the best way to change your spouse’s attitude and behavior to get what you want and need
  • Replace stress, frustration, and misery with happiness, love, and peace

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