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Last Updated on October 5, 2020

In a previous post, we talked about those that will have a hard time succeeding with our program. So, who should join? Is it right for you? Can it help you turn your marriage around?

It may work for you if:

1. You are frustrated with your marriage but still have hope (a sliver will do) that things can turn around. We know how tough it is to slowly but surely fall out of love and as a result be miserable all the time, have regrets, sadness, anger, fears, anxiety and more that can come with a failing marriage.

If you have at least that sliver of hope, though, and if you are willing to stick things out at least for a little while longer and if you are willing to make some changes, we believe that you have a good shot at improving your marriage.

If you are at your wit’s end and you came here looking for any hope or even a miracle to save your marriage, consider this course of action before you make any life-changing decisions such as to separate or divorce. (Note if you are in an unsafe situation don’t use this. Get to safety and let local professionals help you.)

  • Commit to going through the Revive Your Marriage Jumpstart Challenge at least three times.
    • The first time, go through day by day doing the assignments and learning what may help you turn your marriage around. Be honest as your take the Revive Your Marriage Profile & Assessment (RYMPA).
    • The second and third time, while you keep doing what you learned the first time around, focus on problem areas. Focus on those things that have the most potential to make big changes in your life and marriage.
  • Take the RYMPA weekly and track your progress. Shoot to consistently score at least a 3 on each of the 25 marriage building items.
  • If you aren’t making the progress you want to make, step back and try to figure out why things aren’t moving the right direction. Are you doing all the assignments? What about your mindset or attitude? Are you just going through the motions to prove something to your spouse or do you really want things to change?

2. Things are going okay with your marriage (or you are about to get married) but you want to make it as wonderful as possible. We don’t specialize in helping to fix broken marriages only but also can help those that don’t need fixing. Yet. And, in the process hopefully, we can avoid the future need for major fixes.

A possible course of action for you would be to:

  • Go through the challenge together with your spouse or soon to be spouse. Both of you take the RYMPA at the beginning and weekly throughout the challenge.
  • After you go through it the first time, evaluate your situation. What do you still need to work on? What items did you have low scores on? Discuss all of this with your partner.
  • Go through the challenge again if needed. But whether you go through once or several times, make sure you continue to do the daily work required to improve your marriage.
  • Commit to taking the RYMPA at least every 6 months (or more often if things start to get rocky). And then make the changes you need to make to get your scores up and your marriage to a better state.
  • Keep the love burning by consistently using the 10 T’s while avoiding the 4 C’s and while you become and stay Mr. or Mrs. Right.

We truly believe that, if followed as directed, the Revive Your Marriage Jumpstart Challenge can help almost any marriage or romantic relationship to succeed.

But we don’t stop there. We have a lot of planned updates, improvements, and new challenges we are working on as this is being written. We believe in constantly evolving – in doing what it takes to reach our full potential in all important areas – in our personal lives and in building this program.

Our overriding goal is to help people just like you – no matter your situation – to save your marriage and not just save it but to have a happy, loving, long-lasting marriage. We want to help you turn things around. That’s why we are doing this. For you and your friends and for people we’ll never meet in person.

So, if you are ready and willing come aboard.

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