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Last Updated on April 17, 2019

Answer these two questions honestly:

Do you treat your spouse worse than you do your coworkers, your boss, your friends, or your other family members?

Do you yell or curse or pound the table or throw things when you are angry with your spouse but you would never act that way with anyone else?

Unfortunately, many of us act this way. For some, it seems there are two sets of standards: the public standard and the home standard.

Treating our spouse this way can cause much unhappiness and be a direct reason for divorce.

If you are guilty of this type of double standard, decide today to stop and to start treating your spouse better than anyone else.

Are you willing to try? Note of what specific areas you may need to change so that you treat your spouse better and get started. Bad habits and behavior can be hard to break but the rewards can be tremendous.

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