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Resolve Common Problems

Every marriage will face problems, obstacles, and setbacks. Such is life – it’s full of them. When two people get married to start their own family, it stands to reason that the obstacles and problems may be doubled.

Some problems are minor while others can devastate and destroy the best of marriages. Here, we’ll provide help and support for all kinds of problems with tips and resources on how to overcome them while focusing on the following common ones:

Financial Problems

While there are many reasons for separation and divorce, financial problems are certainly near the top of the list. Financial stress and worry can destroy marital harmony, self-esteem, and cause unnecessary misery.
Because these problems can be so serious and affect every part of our lives, solving financial problems and getting more financially independent is vital and should be a priority in almost every marriage.
Getting financially fit has several different aspects including:

1. Changing faulty thinking and the behaviors about money that can destroy financial freedom.
2. Building a financial freedom reserve that will help you to handle emergencies better, prepare for a better future, and to have more of the nicer things of life.
3. Getting multiple streams of income. These days it is foolish to rely on any one source of income if we want long-term financial success.
4. Getting out of debt. Debt left uncontrolled will destroy any financial plan – no matter how much the income is.

We’ll provide actionable strategies to help overcome the effects of financial problems – one of the most common problems couples face and a big reason for divorce.

Parenting Issues

Raising children is one of life’s greatest blessings and sources of happiness for most people. Unresolved problems with our children can also cause serious problems in our marriage.

Common issues include disagreements on:

  • Setting proper boundaries for children
  • How to handle discipline
  • Requirements to do household chores or other responsibilities
  • Extracurricular activities such as being on a sports team that may affect the rest of the family
  • How to reward good behavior

While the Evolving Marriages program is not a course on parenting, we can help you and your spouse to make better decisions, have more unity, and not let issues with your children interfere with your marital happiness.

Problems with Other Family, In-Laws, and Friends

We shouldn’t let relationships with other family, in-laws, and friends interfere with or negatively affect our relationship with our spouse. Balance needs to be found and maintained, though, or they can do just that.

We will share tips and strategies to prioritize the love we have with our spouse – they need to be number one – while maintaining peace, supporting friends and family, helping others, and more.

Disagreements about Employment

If you count a typical job’s 8 hours of work, an hour for lunch, commute time, getting ready to go to work and winding down after work, and then count our sleep time, you’ll discover that work and sleep take up the majority of our daily time. Work, then, just based on the time requirement can have a negative impact on marriage.

Besides just time, though, our career choices affect our marriage in other ways:

  • Income – if not enough we could be in serious trouble
  • Where we live
  • Extra time required – ongoing educational requirements, work activities outside the typical workday, extra travel, etc.
  • And much more

Those effects, though, are there whether things are going good or bad. Get fired or laid off and your whole world can turn upside down in a hurry.

We’ll help you decide on the best path for you and then help you to overcome additional issues when something bad happens. Most people have been fired or laid off at least once during their lifetimes.

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